Protect My Compounds


Many well-known pharmacy benefit managers and insurance companies, including Express Scripts, Catamaran, Optum, United HealthCare, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of various states, have made major changes to their coverage of prescription compounded medicines.

Why it Matters

Compounded medicines are used to treat serious health conditions such as hormone imbalance, chronic pain and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Additionally, compounded medicines are often an essential part of ongoing health care for many women, men and children.

No one can predict what medical needs they’ll face tomorrow. So, even if you don’t need compounded medicines today, you or a member of your family may need them in the future.

Time is Short

Many providers are changing their coverage policies in the middle of the year, often with limited notice. When benefits packages change mid-year, out-of-pocket costs can rise almost immediately.

Take Action

If you have prescription coverage through your insurance plan, contact your employer’s Human Resources department immediately and ask them to protect your access to compounded medications.

Don’t Stop There

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